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Saturday or Sunday - 4 locations, 5 possible times

Special Events @ our Weekend Clubs
Be there or be square!


March 4 @ Cupertino
"Mystery-Chess" Puzzle Competition at the Cupertino Club, March 4th (there will be pizza and prizes!), 5-8 pm!

March 10 @ Los Gatos
Simul Event with GM Zviad Izoria (USCF 2715), at the Los Gatos Chess Club on March 10th, 4-6 pm!

March 16 @ Fremont
Grand Opening of our New Fremont Club, Friday evenings from 6-8pm, with Coach GM Enrico Sevillano and Coach Jerniel!

March 24 @  Milpitas
"Practice-States" unrated Tournament and training for BAC students at the Milpitas Chess Club on March 24th, 9-11 am!

March 31 @ Palo Alto
Bug-House Chess Round-Robin Tournament: learn and compete in a popular and wacky Team-Chess event, 3-5 pm, on March 31st! (Please note that Cupertino Club will be closed on Sunday, April 1st, during the Easter Holiday)

April 7th-8th
All clubs will be closed for the Super-States Cal-chess Championship in Santa Clara. Register here: https://www.bayareachess.com/events/18/states/

April 14th @ Palo Alto
The Palo Alto Strategy-Games Club will be hosting the first of many Historical Abstract-Game Tournaments on March 31st, 1-3pm, featuring the ancient Viking board game of "Hnefatafl" (rules review for new players and prizes for top-scorers)!

April 20 @ Fremont
Simul Event with GM Enrico Sevillano at the Fremont Chess Club!  Small awards for attending as well as a free Raffle for a special prize!  Friday, April 20th, 6-8 PM!

April 28 @ Milpitas

"Mate-Craft" Chess-Puzzle Competition with Coach James and crew at the Milpitas Chess Club: Saturday, April 28th, 9-11 AM!  Experience the Curiosities of Chess (all ages)

Special:  Come to Both Events (20th + 28th) and receive an honorary "Traveler's Trophy" from Coach James.


Our Top Instructors on Weekends


  • Coach Matt & Coach Jason @ Milpitas, Saturday 9-11AM
  • Coach James & Coach Jason @ Palo Alto Strategy-Games, Saturday 1-3PM                       
  • Coach James & Coach Bhuvana & Coach Bada @ Palo Alto, Saturday 3-5PM
  • Coach GM Kolev & Coach Jason @ Los Gatos, Saturday 4-6PM
  • Coach Ford & Coach Rich & Coach Jenny @ Cupertino, Sunday 5-8PM

 Coach James     zviad



Saturday Afternoon 1PM - 3PM in Palo Alto - Strategy Game Club
Address: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 670 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (map)
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Saturday Afternoon 3PM - 5PM in Palo Alto - Chess Club
Address: Covenant Presbyterian Church, 670 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (map)
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Saturday Afternoon 4PM - 6PM in Los Gatos - Chess Club
Address: Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center, 14855 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032 (map)
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Sunday afternoon 5PM - 8PM in Cupertino - Chess Club:
Address: Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, 19624 Homestead Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014 (map)
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Saturday Morning 9AM - 11AM in Milpitas - Chess Club

Address: 372 Turquoise St, Milpitas CA, 95035 (map)
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Any Questions?

Email: Club Coordinator James Bethany and/or the Enrichment Team.


Unique Blend of Learning & Fun!

  1. 1. Lessons
  2. 2. Games
  3. 3. Fun Play
  4. 4. Pizza

General Schedule

  • Drop off, casual games, pizza time
  • Instruction time, practice
  • Mini tournaments, paired games and more coaching time

Which Club to choose?

Absolulte Beginners Milpitas, Palo Alto & Los Gatos locations  

This club is ideal for student who would like to learn the basics of chess: pieces, moves, concepts.
We welcome students of age 5 and older.

Beginner Players @  Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto or Los Gatos locations
This club is ideal for students, who know how the pieces move and can play through a game. During this clubs players will be given a 30-45mins lecture, and will be paired with players of similar strength for a game.
We welcome players of age 6 and older. 5 year olds can enroll with special coach/teacher recommendation.

Intermediate Players @ Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto or Los Gatos locations
Intermediate players are players that have tournament experience or are ready to participate in their first tournaments and are prepared to learn advanced concepts of chess such as positional play, endgames, and learning how to use chess based learning tools.
Players aged 6 and older are welcome and players will be matched with others of similar strength.

Advanced Players @ Cupertino, Milpitas, Palo Alto & Los Gatos locations
With our advanced coaches, these clubs are specifically for rising players, who would like to take their game onto the next level. They will be challenged with tactical and strategic problems, as well as paired with other players with similar rating. They are expected to record their games, and our coaches will give personal feedback on their games.


For specific dates and fees, please click the Register for Clubs button.

Palo Alto club     San Jose morning Club    Saturday morning Club

Sample Topics

Study of Selected Openings
Review Tactics Puzzles & Utilizing Tactics
Complicated Checkmates
Pattern Recognition
Skeleton of the Pawns & the Muscle of the Pieces
True Focus Over the Chessboard

Register in advance or Drop-in?

The weekend clubs that BAC offers are focused on fun and casual chess, and hence we ALWAYS welcome drop-ins.
No need to pre-register, you can decide right before the club to bring your child and pay for drop-in on site with cash or check.

You can also purchase drop-in registration online: www.bayareachess.com/my/club and please indicate the date you would like to use the drop-in registration.


How to save $$$?

Starting January 2016 we are offering a completly new way for parents to save money when registering for weekend clubs:
Purchase a 10 bulk registration - aka "punch-card system": purchase a bulk of 10 club registrations and at the end you will get a FREE club entry (attending the 11th club is free.)
Due to the different prices at different locations, these punch-cards are non-transferable between locations.

Got any questions or comments? Fill our the Contact us form or email to ask@bayareachess.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!


Discounts & Policies

Sibling Discount
Please note that the sibling discount for the second child is 10% for both the drop-in or the bulk prices.

Cancellation Policy
If you purcahsed a bulk registration form for any of the clubs, and need to cancel for any reason (including but not limited to time conflict, change in mind, club not a good fit), we'll process your refund for a 10% admin charge. Got any questions or comments? Contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!