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Point System Philosophy

Our point system was designed around a philosophy that rewards and encourages students making their best effort, not winning games or mastering chess. The vast majority of points are earned through participation, which is something every child is capable of regardless of skill. We have found that students enjoy working towards and earning their point totals and our instructors do a great job to encourage participation and teaching all students the value of good sportsmanship and respect towards others.

Students earn Points for

  • School games: loss 1, draw 1, win 2;
  • Activity in class, homework assignments, making best efforts; 1-2 points each class;
  • Sportsmanship & Participation: good helper/participating student 1 to 3 points each class based on coach discretion;

    These points will then be converted to Rewards at the end of each term (Fall, Winter and/or Spring). The system is designed for a 3 year participation, so ideally at the end of the third year, every player should have a reasonable chance for earning all awards in the line.


View our awards line here:


Points          Reward   Enrichment reward trophy line

0-40              Small reward (1 of key chain, writsbang, pen, etc)

41-80            Medium reward (score book, set&board, Tshirt, etc)

81-120          Pawn trophy

121-200        Knight Trophy

201-280        Bishop Trophy

281-360        Rook Trophy

361-450        Queen Trophy

450+             King Trophy



What are the benefits of chess?
Studies have shown that Chess

1. Improves math and reading skills.    
2 .Boosts memory and retention.
3. Cultivates problem solving ability, analytical skills and critical thinking.
4 .Increases visualization and imagination capability.
5. Rewards patience and persistence.
6. Teaches good sportsmanship in a group environment.