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Weekend Clubs - Camps

Dr. Judit Sztaray
Executive Director
Abel Talamantez
Deputy Director, Director of Enrichment
IM Kostya Kavutskiy
Senior Coach, Online Class Coordinator
James Bethany
Assistant Director of Enrichment, BAC Club Coordinator
GM Cristian Chirila
Head Coach - Elite Team
GM Daniel Naroditsky
Head Coach - Elite Team
GM Zviad Izoria
Lead Coach
IM Faik Aleskerov
Senior Lead Coach, BAC Team Coordinator

GM Daniel Naroditsky

Daniel Naroditsky is a Grandmaster, World Youth Under-12 Champion (2007), U.S. Junior Champion (2013), three-time U.S. Scholastic Champion, and author of two chess books.
His home page is:

He joined the BAC Coaching staff in June 2016 and now coaches the Elite Team with GM Cristian Chirila. It's BAC's honor to have him aboard.

Abel Talamantez

I’ve been the Head of the Enrichment Program here at Bay Area Chess since 2015, overseeing the 100+ after-school classes and other programs we provide around the Bay Area. Promoting the fun and benefits of chess is my passion, so you’re likely to find me either in the classroom coaching and teaching, or at one of our many tournaments, answering questions and giving out trophies!